Mid Point Support for Side Rail Systems

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Diagonal tie wires should be used where there is not a suitable structural eaves member for supporting the side rail system, or where the height of the structural eaves member exceeds that, as shown in the diagram below.

Where diagonal tie wires are used, they can be fixed between the bottom two lines of rails ensuring a straight line is achieved, and progressively working up the side of the building with rails and rail supports so the rail supports are in compression.

Alternatively diagonal ties can be fitted at eaves level between the top two lines of rails and work down the building so the rail supports are in tension. Either way diagonal ties must be spaced so that the maximum distance between each run does not exceed 10m for metal cladding or 7.5m for fibre cement cladding.

Detail A

Detail B

Mid Point Assembly Detail

For more information, see pages 22-23 of our Technical Manual, available to download from our website.