Environmental Quality


Environmental issues, which are important for global resource reasons, have become increasingly relevant nationally due to their impact on local communities. Albion Sections Ltd, as employers within the community, recognises the need to play its part, not only for resource reasons but also, because it recognises the increasing relevance that environmental concerns have for employees.


Group management and support systems have been developed to ensure that waste and scrap materials are kept to an absolute minimum. Formal processes are in place to measure both levels of scrap and waste. Residual scrap, for recycling, is always disposed of via approved licensed sub-contractors. Customers are actively encouraged to return transport pallets.

Resource Efficiency

The Group’s policy is to measure and continually seek a reduction in energy consumption through the minimisation of processing, a lesser use of consumables and by a reduction in the costs of transport. Management’s policy is to embrace technical developments that contribute towards these objectives.

Local Environmental Impact

The management is committed to ensuring that Group site activities are carried out, where possible, in harmony with surrounding local communities, and that noise and transport issues are regularly reassessed to minimise their impact.

Legal Requirements

The management will ensure that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements are known and understood by the relevant employees. The Company is committed to provide both staff training and resources to meet all such requirements.


The management is committed to ensuring that all employees are aware of the Company’s environmental objectives, and of their individual responsibilities in that context.

Continual Improvement

Continual measurement and review across all business processes forms a part of the Company management systems with the objective of continual improvement.

Eddie King

Site/Sales Director                                                                                      February 2024

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