Speed fix Sag Rods

Albion Speed Fix Anti-Sag Bars

Albion speed fix sag bars provide an effective restraint to the purlin both during the cladding operation and under wind uplift (reversal) conditions. The spring loaded clip fixing system makes installation quick and easy.

Anti-Sag bars serve two main purposes:

  • To stop the purlin twisting during erection. (Once sheeting is fixed the purlin derives a large measure of stiffness from the roof membrane).
  • To provide lateral restraint to the bottom flange under uplift conditions.



Note: These details apply to roof slopes up to and including 25º. For roof slopes greater than 25º consult our Technical Department.

Anti-Sag Rods (Sections 125-266 Series)
Speed Fix Anti-Sag Bars

Speed fix anti-sag bars and apex ties are manufactured from 1.6mm thickness pre-hot dipped galvanised mild steel and cold roll formed into a channel section. Each end is notched to locate in the standard pre-punched holes at mid or 3/8 ths & 5/8 ths span and held in position with a spring. Alternative apex ties are manufactured from 12mm diameter allthread zinc plated finish.

For roof slopes of 10° or more
The purlin tries to roll backwards. This is prevented by fixing anti-sag bars bottom hole to top hole down the slope as shown.
*Speedfix anti-sag bars are fixed continuously over the apex

For roof slopes of 1.5° to 10°
The Purlin tries to roll forwards. Anti-sag bars should be fitted top hole to bottom hole down the slope as shown.

Note: For sections 300 deep and over 45mm x 45mm x 2mm angle struts should be used in lieu of speed fix sag rods.
For roof slopes up to 1.5°
For pitches at this level conventional anti-sag bars become ineffective and therefore speed fix anti-sag bars should be replaced with our side rail supports. We recommend that purlins are fixed as opposing pairs and the side rail supports fixed between the pairs.