Albion Z Purlin Heavy End Bay System

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The heavy end bay system offers an economic solution to the larger and multispan type building, utilising the inner bay continuity to achieve lighter gauge inner bay purlins.

All end bay purlins single span. Inner bay purlins single or double span. All joints to be fully sleeved.

Typical sleeving arrangement

a – heavy end bay section
b – heavy end bay sleeve
c – other cleats omitted for clarity
d – lighter inner bay section
e – inner bay sleeve

The system caters for spans up to 15m dependant on loading criteria, and is a fully continuous purlin system, with sleeves at every joint. The penultimate rafter is sleeved with a longer sleeve of a heavier gauge equal to the end bay purlins to cater for the higher moments in the end bay.

The inner bay sleeves are slightly longer than standard sleeves, and are of the same lighter gauge as inner bay purlins.

For the system to perform economically only buildings with a minimum of five bays should be considered. The heavy end bay system can also be supplied with the inner bay purlins double spanning with single span purlins introduced to stagger the rigid joints; as shown in the diagram.

Heavy end bay system – Single span arrangement

Heavy end bay system – Double span arrangement